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DevSecOps Analysis

Integrate security processes throughout the development lifecycle

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While cloud environments, containers, and micro-services have led to dynamic advances in DevOps, the pressure to rapidly develop applications has compromised software security. By adopting a Shift Left approach, you can integrate and automate security controls from the very beginning of the development lifecycle.

At Sentrium, we leverage our deep understanding of modern software development practices to analyse your DevSecOps processes and workflows. We deliver robust recommendations aligned with security best practices to assure the security of your entire development lifecycle.

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What is DevSecOps?

DevSecOps (development, security, and operations) extends the practices of DevOps, to automatically integrate security audits and software testing throughout the development lifecycle.
When security decisions are implemented at the same level as development and operation decisions, you can build applications securely from the ground up. This approach speeds up the CI/CD pipeline and eliminates the need for significant security fixes after the application is developed.

Why your organisation needs DevSecOps

  • Introduces best practice security throughout the development lifecycle.

  • Reduces the need to spend significant (and often unexpected) amounts of money and time fixing issues in an application at the end of development.

  • Less likely to introduce vulnerabilities in the development lifecycle as developers learn to code securely from the beginning.

  • Less likely for projects to become delayed waiting for fixes to be deployed prior to the go-live date.

Our approach to DevSecOps Analysis

Our consultative approach to security ensures that nothing is left to chance. Our DevSecOps Analysis service rigorously assesses your implementation of DevSecOps best practices against our maturity framework.
We review your internal processes and documentation to investigate your team’s challenges and understand how you overcome them. At the end of our DevSecOps Analysis, we provide you with a detailed set of actions and improvements to help you drive your future success.

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