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Threat Modelling

Identify threats, mitigate risks, build secure applications

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Throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC), security threats and vulnerabilities must be successfully identified, mitigated and validated. Threat Modelling is at the core of the SDLC and diligently reviews and eliminates security risks.

At Sentrium, our Threat Modelling service provides you with full visibility of your security threats and enables you to securely develop applications from the ground up.


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What is Threat Modelling?

As functionality is added to your applications, new attack vectors can be created which malicious actors can exploit. Threat Modelling is a structured process that identifies threats and vulnerabilities to your applications, and clearly defines and validates mitigations for them.

A high-level threat model must be implemented during the planning phase and refined throughout the SDLC to diagnose, examine and address threats. This ensures security is always a primary focus within the application environment and implementation.

Why your organisation needs Threat Modelling

  • Maintain secure design and development from the beginning of the lifecycle enabled by early visibility of threats

  • Save money by remediating problems before launching software that would otherwise involve costly fixes

  • Improve your security processes with documented procedures that ensure consistency throughout the SDLC.

Our approach to Threat Modelling

Our Threat Modelling service provides early visibility of threats which enables secure design and development from the ground up. Our consultants identify threats and thoroughly assess risks, providing documented processes that guarantee consistency and repetition in the SDLC.

We employ a high-level 3 step approach:


Understanding the application

We understand what the application is used for, where threat actors will interact with the application, and the assets that a malicious actor might try to gain.


Determining and ranking threats

We determine the potential threats, categorise them according to the Application Security Framework (ASF), and rank them in order of priority.


Recommending countermeasures and mitigations

We recommend mitigation strategies and countermeasures to eliminate uncertainty and protect your organisation’s assets from malicious actors.

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