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Infrastructure as Code Analysis

Consistent and secure infrastructure deployment

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In a fast-paced operational environment, maintaining the security of your organisation’s infrastructure is demanding. DevSecOps teams face contentions when securely deploying infrastructure across development, UAT and live environments. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is becoming increasingly prevalent in development pipelines, supporting growing quantities of data and resources that must be secured.

At Sentrium, we ensure your DevSecOps team overcomes these challenges by assuring the IaC responsible for your automated deployments so you can run your development operations (DevOps) reliably.

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What is Infrastructure as Code?

Treating infrastructure the same way developers treat code is a fundamental principle for DevSecOps teams. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) provides teams with the capability to deploy, manage and scale cloud computing resources autonomously.

Why your organisation needs Infrastructure as Code Analysis

  • Our Infrastructure as Code Analysis service fits flexibly around your operations and integrates with your DevSecOps deployment processes.

  • Scheduled, routine assessments ensure you remain in control of the vulnerabilities and insecure configurations present within your infrastructure, to maintain consistent and secure deployment.

  • This tailored and cost-effective assessment easily finds well-known vulnerabilities within your code with little disruption to your business.

  • We help you develop a consistent and secure CI/CD pipeline, speeding up the development process and improving your infrastructure security.

Our approach to Infrastructure as Code Analysis

To assess Infrastructure as Code, our consultants use a highly-effective assessment process tailored to your cloud platform and code automation technologies:


Securely access your Infrastructure as Code source code repositories to quickly gain full visibility of your configuration issues.


Thoroughly assess the configuration of security controls present within the deployment code, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Terraform or Ansible.


Provide a rigorous report detailing the vulnerabilities and insecure configurations identified during the assessment which brings you in line with security best practices.

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