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Microsoft 365 Assessment

Secure data, assets and reputation with a resilient Microsoft 365 platform

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The global popularity of Microsoft 365 makes it a major target for exploitation. With malicious actors compromising the platform to access the valuable data it hosts, strengthening the security of your Microsoft 365 platform is critical.

At Sentrium, we rigorously audit and review the configuration of your Microsoft 365 environment to identify weaknesses and protect your sensitive data from compromise.

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Why your organisation needs a Microsoft 365 Assessment

  • Gain confidence that your valuable business assets and company reputation are protected by resilient and reliable security controls.

  • Protect the sensitive data stored in your Microsoft 365 environment by complying with industry standards and best practices.

  • Enhance your incident response and disaster recovery processes to recover from infrastructure or service disruptions with effective configuration.

Our approach to Microsoft 365 Assessments

Our Microsoft 365 assessment rigorously assesses the Microsoft 365 tenant security controls. We use a highly-effective testing methodology, based on industry best practices including CIS and NCSC frameworks, to address key areas of your Microsoft 365 configuration.

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Application permissions

Assess the configuration of 3rd-party applications to prevent sharing data with unauthorised external users and protect against phishing and malware attacks.

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Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Audit the configuration of MDM policies and profiles to ensure that your user devices are effectively managed and secured.

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Data management

Review your data management and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies to ensure that you have full visibility of when sensitive information is shared.

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Examine the configuration of your data storage, applications and services to ensure all data remains under your full control.

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Email security and Exchange online

Audit the security configuration of Exchange and emails to limit sending and receiving malicious file types and prevent spoofing of email addresses.

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Review the secure configuration of logging to ensure you can investigate breaches and conduct regular audits to remain secure and compliant.

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Account and authentication

Assess the configuration of password policies, users, groups, conditional access policies and multi-factor authentication to keep sensitive data under your control.

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