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Build and Configuration Reviews

Configure devices and networks for complete control

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An insecure or misconfigured device can give malicious actors a clear pathway into your organisation. From design to configuration, it is vital to identify vulnerabilities and mitigate risk in your organisation’s devices and networks to protect sensitive internal assets.

At Sentrium, our meticulous Build and Configuration Reviews provide assurance across the full breadth of your technical environment, ensuring your systems and devices are configured correctly in line with security best practices.

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What is a build and configuration review?

A Build and Configuration Review is the assessment of a particular system or device to ensure the effectiveness of its security and compliance controls. This process can be applied to end-user devices (such as desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones) as well as infrastructure platforms (such as Windows Server and enterprise Unix distributions) and products (such as virtualisation and firewall systems).

Why your organisation needs a Build and Configuration Review

  • An efficient and cost-effective way to gain assurance and improve the security controls of single devices such as gold-build images.

  • Reduce the risk of financial or reputational loss by securing sensitive information in the event of a lost or stolen device.

  • Maintain compliance with data protection regulations by ensuring misconfigurations in your systems and devices are remediated.

Our approach to Build and Configuration Reviews

Our highly-skilled consultants conduct a rigorous assessment of the configuration of your network devices and systems. We identify vulnerabilities and recommend remediation advice that ensures you meet industry-standard best practice frameworks including NCSC End User Device Security and CIS Benchmarks.

Our extensive expertise in assessing the security of vendor platforms, devices and products ensures we thoroughly review components of your system’s configuration including:

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BIOS and firmware
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Antivirus and firewalls
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User accounts and access controls
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Services and software
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Network configuration
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Security policies

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