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Penetration Testing

Eliminate vulnerabilities in your systems and improve your security posture

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For complete security assurance, you need to test your limits. Penetration Testing deliberately exploits key infrastructure assets to reveal vulnerabilities in your organisation’s technical environment and demonstrate the real-world impact of a security breach.

At Sentrium, our CREST-Approved Penetration Testing service provides high-level assurance in your IT systems, equipping you with the remedial advice to improve your security posture.

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What is penetration testing?

Penetration Testing is the process of identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities in your IT system’s security. The assessment uses similar techniques and tools that a malicious actor would use to gain access to your organisation’s critical resources.

Trusting the effectiveness of your IT security controls is crucial to mitigate risks and prevent malicious access to your systems. Penetration Testing gives you the ability to develop or enhance your security strategy and remediate vulnerabilities.

Why your organisation needs Penetration Testing

  • Gain assurance in the effectiveness of your IT security controls to ensure a malicious actor cannot access or make changes to your systems and assets.

  • Maintain compliance with data regulations to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) within your IT environment and prevent data breaches or loss.

  • Regular (often annual) Penetration Testing ensures your security controls continue to reflect the changing environment and techniques used by malicious actors.

Our approach to Penetration Testing

Our highly-skilled consultants conduct a rigorous assessment of the configuration of your network devices and systems. We identify vulnerabilities and recommend remediation advice that ensures you meet industry-standard best practice frameworks including NCSC End User Device Security and CIS Benchmarks.

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1. Reconnaissance

Enumerate information about the target environment using active and passive information gathering techniques.

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2. Fingerprinting

Scan and probe your applications, services and systems to discover key information about the configuration of your network.

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3. Analysis

Analyse your network to identify vulnerabilities, potential targets and attack vectors that may be exploitable.

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4. Exploitation

Gain a privileged foothold within the target environment by exploiting vulnerabilities identified during the previous phases.

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5. Lateral movement

Repeat the attack lifecycle to identify further targets of value from the context of exploited systems.

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6. Cleanup

Clean up testing artefacts to restore the target environment to its original state.

Remote Internal Penetration Testing

Following the recent change in operations due to the Coronavirus pandemic, our security consultants now offer a fully comprehensive remote Penetration Testing solution. Rather than visiting your organisation’s site to conduct the penetration test, we perform the assessment process virtually.

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