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Vulnerability Assessment

Ensure the stability and integrity of your infrastructure

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As networks and systems undergo change to meet commercial and operational needs, new vulnerabilities can rise to the surface. A Vulnerability Assessment gives your organisation essential visibility to secure your assets and protect your systems from attack.

At Sentrium, our Vulnerability Assessment service provides your team with the intelligence needed to tackle security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations at scale.

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What is a Vulnerability Assessment?

A Vulnerability Assessment is an infrastructure-based assessment used to identify security risks and vulnerabilities within your systems. Using a powerful combination of technical expertise and automated scanning tools, a Vulnerability Assessment improves the visibility of your security weaknesses and provides guidance to remediate them.

Why your organisation needs a Vulnerability Assessment

  • Provide an efficient and cost-effective way to identify and remediate problems before they can be exploited.

  • Easily find well-known vulnerabilities within your infrastructure with little disruption to your business operations and IT environment.

  • Keep your rapidly changing environment secure by routinely identifying common vulnerabilities that affect your systems.

  • Maintain compliance with industry-standard best practices to avoid compromise of your business assets.

Our approach to Vulnerability Assessments

We deliver a bespoke structured Vulnerability Assessment based on the needs of your business and sector. Along with identifying vulnerabilities within your infrastructure, we provide remediation advice and full visibility to protect your systems from exploitation.


Our comprehensive Vulnerability Assessments follow 3 systematic steps:

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Identify project scope

Identify your Principal Security Concerns (PSCs) and agree on a set of target systems that strikes the perfect balance between your assurance needs, compliance requirements and budget.

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Run the Vulnerability Assessment

Use advanced software tools to scan and test infrastructure and network assets, including firewalls, routers, laptop or desktop computers, to identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

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Provide insightful reporting

Produce a detailed report recommending remedial advice that helps you to secure your infrastructure and protect your assets from being compromised by malicious activity.

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