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Wireless Security Assessment

Test access points and validate security best practices

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In a bid to boost operational efficiency and business productivity, wireless networks and devices are now a customary part of modern society. As malicious actors look to exploit weak access points, it is vital to validate and assure the effectiveness of your security controls.

At Sentrium, our Wireless Security Assessment provides a high level of assurance in your Wi-Fi access points and internal services, ensuring your security controls are compliant with industry standards.

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What is a Wireless Security Assessment?

A Wireless Security Assessment identifies the weak access points across your network and connected devices, and assesses the vulnerabilities within them to ensure appropriate security controls are integrated. It reviews the strength of your encryption, device segregation and access controls to bring them in line with security best practices.

Why your organisation needs a Wireless Security Assessment

  • Gain assurance that your organisation’s Wi-Fi access is secure and users’ and internal services are sufficiently protected.

  • Reduce the risk of loss by preventing malicious actors from gaining a foothold within your network and compromising sensitive internal assets.

  • Improve your security processes by ensuring your wireless networks meet security and data protection compliance requirements.

Our approach to a Wireless Security Assessment

Our security consultants implement a proven Wireless Security Assessment methodology built on industry-standard best practices based on the following 4 phases:

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Detailed site survey

We work with you to define operational perimeters and locate wireless access points within specified boundaries. Our experts test wireless access from within your organisation and identify access points outside of your trust boundary that could expose your network to attack.

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Access point configuration

Once all access points within your perimeter have been located, we review the effectiveness of security controls based on the network architecture and your operational requirements. We review multiple aspects of wireless security, including network encryption, authentication mechanisms, password controls, and broadcast settings.

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Attack replication

Identifying sensitive access points and enhancing configuration standards is not enough in isolation. To prevent real-world attacks, we need to think like malicious actors. Once we understand your network, we simulate a variety of wireless attacks, including WEP replay, WPA(2) Pre-Shared Key (PSK) brute-force, and 802.1x Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attacks.

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Network segregation

To reduce the impact of a successful compromise through a wireless network, it is important to segregate sensitive assets and services from users. We attempt to access systems within corporate LANs or WLANs as a guest user, with the aim of identifying whether a malicious actor could use a compromised wireless network as an initial foothold for an attack.

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