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About Us

Sentrium is a CREST-Approved cyber security consultancy, powered by a combination of extensive business and technical expertise that provides you with the services you need to reduce your risk.

Best Cyber Security Company 2021

Best Cyber Security Company 2021

Best Cyber Security Company 2022

Best Cyber Security Company 2022

Crest Accreditation

Our Vision

To empower businesses globally to be secure in a complex, technical environment.

We are committed to global cyber security advancement, equipping businesses around the world with the awareness of their technical environment so they can be secure in the ever-changing threat landscape.

Our Mission

Through leading technical aptitude, we identify risks to business information and technology.

We believe that the expertise and experience of our team enable our deep understanding of the landscape in which we operate. It is our people that make us different.

Our Story

Sentrium was founded in 2018 by university friends, Adam King and Tim Reed. Knowing how enigmatic cyber security can be for organisations of all sizes and industries, we began Sentrium with the aim of using our knowledge and experience to provide the highest quality security services to our business clients.

Since the beginning, our team of security consultants has gone from strength to strength, appreciated by our clients for the intrinsic value we provide and the lengths we go to ensure our clients make the most of our partnership.

Adam King
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Tim Reed
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Our core values

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Pioneer new ways of thinking

Our highly skilled team is constantly learning and developing to stay ahead of the ever-changing industry. We ensure our assessment services implement the latest security techniques and technologies.

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Deliver maximum value

Without trust, our clients cannot be confident in the services we provide. We prioritise your long term goals to deliver maximum value where it matters the most.

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Cultivate a culture of excellence

Built by pentesters, Sentrium cultivates a culture of like-minded, technical thinkers. Our team is united by a passion for excellence that we share with one another and with our clients.

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Advocate industry best practices

Working with a CREST-Approved provider ensures you are in safe and experienced hands. Our services uphold CREST’s internationally recognised high standards of quality and best practice.

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Provide 360-degree assurance

Our meticulous approach combines our extensive knowledge and the latest industry tools. We execute rigorous assessments to provide you with full visibility of your vulnerabilities and 360-degree assurance in your technical environment.

Why Sentrium?

Technical aptitude

Our technical expertise in growing industry areas keeps us on the cutting edge of technological innovation. With our extensive knowledge of application security and the cloud, we are equipped to face the challenges of modern technology and business.

Transparent communication

As we learn more about our clients, the more valuable our services become. It is our innate responsibility to communicate our findings and advice in a way that you can understand and benefit from.

Agile approach

We adapt quickly to the ever-changing threat landscape. We respond flexibly to our clients’ needs, ensuring we respond and deliver services tailored to your requirements without compromising quality.

Quality output

We strive to deliver the highest standards of quality to our clients. As a CREST-Approved provider, our cyber security services uphold the highest ethical and quality standards using our industry-leading expertise.

Certified by the industry, trusted by you

Our cyber security consultants have achieved industry-leading qualifications, which solidifies our knowledge and best places us to help you obtain cyber security assurance.

Offensive Security
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
IASME Consortium
International Cybersecurity Institute (ICSI)
Microsoft Azure
International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

Our clients

Adam and James have been great to work with. Very clear communication from start to finish making the process very easy to complete whilst taking the time to understand our needs and queries.

Director, Software as a Service (SaaS) Company

Sentrium has been incredibly helpful in reviewing and improving our cyber security efforts! Working with Adam has been a breeze from the start, as he always makes sure to keep in mind our budget and understanding of the subject matter. For us, cyber security went from being an enigma to something we can actually tackle with confidence!

Project Manager, Charity Sector

I’ve been impressed with the speed and quality of the services provided by Sentrium. Great communication and engagement with the team, and a very professional and flexible approach throughout. I’ll certainly be looking to use Sentrium again in the future!

Head of Technology Risk & Security, Financial Services

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