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Architecture Review

Improve security operations with resilient cloud architecture

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Building a secure presence in the cloud starts with secure architecture. As organisations shift towards DevSecOps and cloud infrastructure, minimising threats from the start is crucial for success.

At Sentrium, we thoroughly assess your cloud architecture to ensure the development of secure, resilient and efficient cloud infrastructure. Using best practice standards, we empower you with full visibility of the risks to your cloud environment, and equip your team with the necessary guidance to minimise threats.

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What is an Architecture Review?

Traditional penetration testing offers assurance but is focused on technical vulnerabilities in your infrastructure and software. A security architecture review holistically assesses your top-level designs and implementation to find integral weaknesses that may be compromised by malicious actors using a threat modelling approach.

Why your organisation needs an Architecture Review

  • Improve your security operations and controls with total assurance that your cloud environment is well-architected.

  • Validate security controls in cloud designs to ensure security is incorporated into your cloud project from the beginning.

  • Assess the current security posture of your cloud architecture to inform strategy for future development and continuous improvement.

Our approach to an Architecture Review

Our team of security consultants rigorously assess your security architecture against industry standards and best practices.

We customise your Architecture Review to your organisation’s cloud platform including AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.


Begin by understanding your organisation’s aims and objectives for building a secure architecture. We call them your Principal Security Concerns (PSCs).


Conduct a rigorous assessment and audit of the cloud security architecture reliant upon meeting these PSCs against relevant best practices and well-architected frameworks to give enhanced visibility into your security posture.


Work closely with you to provide a detailed report covering the opportunities for improving your architecture security and detailed remedial actions to implement these.

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