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Cloud Security Baseline

Continuously assess misconfigurations and threats to your cloud environment

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Hosting your technical environment in the cloud provides flexibility and agility. The ever-evolving nature of the cloud makes it challenging to monitor and review threats to your organisation’s assets.

At Sentrium, our Cloud Security Baseline reviews give you 360-degree visibility of the gaps in your security controls and remedial advice to align with security best practice guidelines.

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What is a Cloud Security Baseline Assessment?

A Cloud Security Baseline Assessment uses automated tooling to quickly and effectively uncover well-known vulnerabilities in your cloud environment. It provides your DevOps team and Cloud Administrators with complete awareness of your cloud environment, security posture and compliance to mitigate risks and integrate security best practices.

Why your organisation needs a Cloud Security Baseline Assessment

  • Routine Cloud Security Baseline Assessments flexibly integrate with your DevSecOps pipeline and business operations.

  • Provides you with an awareness of the latest risks and vulnerabilities to your cloud environment.

  • Assessments are tailored and highly customised to your cloud environment.

  • A cost-effective way to identify well-known weaknesses with little disruption to your business.

  • High-frequency testing options provide assurance for fast-changing cloud environments.

Cloud Security Baseline Assessment is an efficient and useful way to identify common vulnerabilities, which is best suited to newly deployed environments or environments that are regularly changing. If you need a manual, in-depth approach, see our Cloud Configuration Review service.

Our approach to Cloud Security Baseline

Our approach to Cloud Security Baseline Assessments ensures we systematically review your cloud security posture against the gold standards set out in the CIS Benchmarks.

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Our security consultants utilise industry-leading tools tailored to AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud to assess the configuration of your cloud security controls.


We efficiently and meticulously review your cloud security posture to uncover misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, threats and risks to your cloud assets.

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We produce a thorough report detailing your security weaknesses and remedial advice to effectively secure your cloud environment and protect your organisation’s sensitive information.

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