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Cloud Configuration Review

Ensure the secure configuration of your cloud environment

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Organisations are moving to the cloud to flexibly store and manage business assets. It is vital to have correctly implemented cloud security controls to protect users and sensitive information.

At Sentrium, our robust Cloud Configuration Reviews assess the configuration of your cloud security controls against industry standards to successfully mitigate risks to cloud resources.

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What is a Cloud Configuration Review?

Cloud Configuration Review is an essential tool to protect your cloud assets. We highlight security weaknesses in your configurations to ensure you effectively mitigate threats, improve compliance with regulatory standards and strengthen your security posture.

Why your organisation needs a Cloud Configuration Review

Our Cloud Configuration Reviews provide valuable insight into your cloud security controls, revealing opportunities for improving your security stance by overcoming:

  • Weak cloud resource settings

  • Common environment misconfigurations

  • Overprivileged accounts

  • Inadequate logging and monitoring

Cloud Configuration Review provides an in-depth, manual approach to cloud assurance, which is best suited to business-critical environments that process sensitive data. If you need a lighter approach, see our Cloud Security Baseline service.

Our approach to Cloud Configuration Review

Our Cloud Configuration approach follows a precise methodology based on our significant cloud expertise, engineering best practices and CIS Benchmarks for cloud providers including AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.

We undergo a meticulous testing process to identify cloud configuration weaknesses that go far beyond the capabilities of automated tools. Our assessment methodology provides analysis of several areas which are often overlooked, including:

Identify weak user management controls to protect resources and data from unauthorised access.

Verify whether cloud storage integrates security controls such as encryption at rest and in transit, logging, loss prevention and authentication.

Ensure that settings are applied to accurately collect appropriate logs for services running in the cloud, and improve your ability to effectively monitor and address security breaches.

Ensure that the networking rules governing traffic flow only grant access to services in the cloud where it is required.

Identify deviations from security best practices in the configuration of computing resources, including virtual machines, serverless code and containerised environments.

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